Mission Statement

To provide a centre which is accessible to all in our community, and acts as a catalyst to promote and meet the needs of the local community.


  1. To work with the local community to help identify needs.
  2. To encourage community involvement in the organisation of the Centre’s activities.
  3. To introduce participants to outside resources and activities, creating an awareness of neighbourhood community facilities.
  4. To facilitate interaction between local community residents via common interest groups, enabling greater sharing of experience and knowledge of members as well as developing a more empathic understanding of social problems facing members.
  5. To liaise with, and lobby as necessary, the City of West Torrens for assistance to ensure that the Centre is able to achieve its goals in meeting the needs of the community.
  6. To ensure that the community knows of the facility and all have access to it, regardless of race, age, status, creed, nationality or political beliefs.